1. blanket56:

    Here are some of the photos I made using the cutouts I was working on.


  4. NEWS!

    I was promoted to designer today at Third Coast after a spring planning meeting.

    Currently designing my business card and creating a brand.

    It’s the first day of the rest of my life! I guess high school Sarah with her lofty hopes of one day being a fashion designer wasn’t so far off.

  5. this is where i sew! stop in, people.

    Third Coast Style— Milwaukee, Wis.

    (Source: brewedawakening)

  6. vintagetoyarchive:

    MATTEL: 1959 Brunette Barbie 

    grew up with this doll among my collection of 1990s barbies. i always believed that i hadn’t tried to emulate my barbies like some girls, but i’ve realized today that this is all i’ve ever wanted to be. and she was always my favorite.

  7. taken during a shoot for my new blouses to be out for spring

    models: Maureen Sullivan, Bubba 

    photo cred: blanket56


    Just a little goofing around while I was doing some shooting for a friend last weekend

  8. vintagegal:

    Debbie Harry photographed by Mick Rock, 1978


  9. I did karaoke at landmark today. i think if i practice and knock down any ounce of stage fright, i could be pretty good. 


  10. "I always believed that whatever had to be written would somehow get itself written."
    — Seamus Heaney (via nprfreshair)